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The Perfect Feature 

Hey I was writing to let you know about some of the Artist I admire and would like to work with.The first Artist I want to work with is Lil Boosie I love his style and Character and he is alot similar to me. Next up we got Yo Gotti he talk that street shit in which I'm so well accustomed to in I think we could make Magic. I would like to work with Jeezy as well gotta love the Snowman. The Person who I always dreamed about working with though is my Idol who taught me alot and I looked up to as a kid growing up Ughhh Master P they use to call me that btw. I would like to work with Chris Brown as well what a Legend I'm sure we could make a Summertime Anthem. August Alsina is another one I would love to work with. Mary J Blige is on my Radar as well what can I say the Lady is the Gwoat. No on to the new Rapper's I would like to work with first and foremost NBA Youngboy he be talking that shit. Tee Grizzley being we're both from Detroit we have a similar sound and we be on that street shit remind of myself so much. I also would like to work with another Detroit Artist Bandgang Lonnie Bands he is coming into his own. I would also like to work with Yellow Beezy that Dallas boyy definitely be doing his thing. Quando Rondo another one that a feature would be dope. Blueface baby what's up we can make it happen. Can't forget about another Detroit real one 42dugg he be talking that shit I like. Da Baby got to get a feature from this Man he been going crazy I love that shit. I would also like to work with two female MC's from the D Rocky Badd and Niesha Neshae they go so hard. Icewear Vezzo of course he got the whole city behind him so he can't lose. I also would like to work with Rennie Rucci she cold. Solo Lucci as well that boy got Talent. Obie Trice a must since he the one that got me started Rapping so I owe alot to him. Last but not least burrr Big Guwoop Gucci Mane. What do you think of my list can you see any of these features happening? 

Picture Perfect  

Hey I'm writing because I wanted to know your opinion on a matter.I have been Rapping since the age of Seven.I started out with the Infamous Obie Trice of Eminem's Shady Records Label.I started really Recording Music when I was Twelve Year's Old.I have Released Picture Perfect I'm which sold out really fast.I followed that up with ShutterSound which in turned sold out as well.Im currently working on Screenshot which goes along with the Trilogy,but I'm not stopping there.I will be coming out with Snapshot and Killshot to go along in the Series.I have planned on this carefully as you can see.This is all different parts of my Life being shown threw Music.From myself growing up in A single Parent Home having an addicted Mother and Father to being Adopted moving from place to place with nowhere to call Home.With all of that being said I want to make a Movie about my life entittled Picture Perfect.I want to follow in other Artist footsteps who came before me.Artist like Eminem with his Award Winning Movie 8mile.Artist like 50cents get the strap no just kidding his Movie Get Rich or Die Trying.I know to be able to do that I will need a big Budget.I will also need a top notch Videographer, Screenwriter and Casting Director to make this Project a success and Blockbuster hit.Now with you knowing all of this do you think I should do the Biopic on my Life?Also would this be something you a be interested in watching comment your answer's below and let me know thank you.

Check My Baby Mama 

Ok here is the deal I have two Baby Mothers right.I been with them threw thick and thin from Court Case's to School.I have been very respectful to the both of them,but I have come to the conclusion that they do not respect me at all.Respect is needed where it is given and with that being said I have an urge to put out a diss track with all the details and give you better insight on whats going on.Quick Question do you think I would be wrong if so please tell me.I feel that certain things can't go unaddressed.I feel like Aretha R.i.p. the Queen of Soul all I want is Respect is that to much to ask for from a Child Mother?I wish it didn't have to be like this but when it's only one side of a story the truth always get twisted so I feel the folks need to hear the other side as well.I mean it's some deep stuff that would make you think how.Im talking about a sane person couldn't manage to deal with this type of stuff it's enough to make anyone go crazy.Remember this one thing with ebery Action comes a consequence.

You Have The Right To Remain Silent 

I'm confused as to why do Ganster make statements.I really never could wrap my head or understand this.I know when Law Enforcement reads you your Miranda rights it clearly states anything you say or do will be used against you in the Court of Law!I have witnessed many Thugs,Gansters, Killer's write statements detailing there crime in specific details.Every time the made the statement it has been used against them in the Court of law.The Defendant then ask for the evidence to be suppress to no avail.To make matter's worse most of the Defendants say's someone snitched ratted told on them when in fact they made a statement telling on there self.So my advise to you Ganster,Thugs Murders or whatever you wanna call yourself don't do the crime of you can't do the time.To everyne in the Game just know Prison is a possibility.

Music Biz 101 

Hey just wanted to talk about the current state of music.The Music industry has changed so drastically in a short time period.Its not about who has the best c.d. anymore it's all about that single.With Streaming Music  at an all time high people are consuming music much differently now.Music is so easily available to stream by alot of difference Artist it's hard to focus on one.With that being said I suggest putting out a new single every three months or longer and promote that to keep the fans intrique then you can release an album if you choose to. That's just my thoughts on the new music Biz.


                                   P.s.You can stream my music for free right here on my website

Keep The School Safe 

In wake off all the school shootings we're in need of prayer more then anything now.

I don't think stiffer gun laws will change much of what's going on.

As it's mainly students  of the school who is doing all the shootings.

Therefore I'm sure there not allowed to own a gun yet.

I mean sure metal detector's and added security will aide in making the schools safer but not fool proof.

I'm very much against armed Teacher's that's a no no for me.

To much power to the teacher which can be used in the wrong way.



On the other hand we do need some type of system in place.

I suggest having and armed law enforcement officer in every school.

Also have an monthly drill just like an fire drill for students and teachers.

I would like to see more counselor's in the schools as well.

I will suggest camera at every entrance of the school's

I think this would be a good start to cut down on the school violence.



As alot of you may not know I was a victim of an school violence shooting.

In which we had metal detector's and camera's as well.

The culprit snuck in an unlocked door that was propped open with a loaded gun.

Which he had all day in school until it was time for football practice as we was walking from class.

In the hallway the culprit pulled out his weapon during school hour's and fired a shot in the hallway hitting me in the abdomen.

As I was pronounced dead on the scene before being brought back to life.

I'm saying this to say there is no way to fully protect the school's but there is ways to make them safer.



Nerve Wrecking 

 The one thing that is so annoying to me is chain letters.

I mean I have been getting the letter's for the last five year's or more.

It's alway's pass this message share this.

If you love me share this and send me one back.

Mainly the chain letter's are sent threw messenger.

I just wish you would quit with the chain letter's I mean for real what is the purpose?

What are some of the things that annoy's you I would like to know?

Can you share with me let me in your world?

Post below in the comment section I'm interested to hear from you!


The Creative Process 

Making Music that matters I have been writing songs for a long time now. I find the process comes very easy to me.I start out with an Idea then it quickly turns to a vision.Ideas just pop into my head and soon as they come I write them down rather it be a phone pen and pad or voice recording anything so I don't forget.Thats where all the creative process begins for me.Everytime I write it's like im writimg a script for a movie or tv show but it's all real life and authentic. My music is basically about personal experience of mine and other friends and conrads growing up in Detroit.Mi poorest an proverty stricken neighborhood you will experience alot of things good and bad.Im thankful for being able to have been apart an to make me the person that I am today.

Life I Wonder WIll It Take Me Under 

 I remember going up on the rough and rugged streets of Detroit.Mi.

At the age of 17 I encountered a life changing mind altering experience.

To remind you there was nothing more I loved then gangs It was my family friends someone to depend on all of that.

Then boom the unthinkable happened a Grocery Store gets Robbed the Owner Shot and Killed three other employees injured.

I just so happen to go to the Grocery store like a week later the D.P.D. Raid Vans are on the seen.

One of the Police and I makes eye contact he looking at me I'm looking at him,we get into a stare off.

I hop and my car with my pregnant girlfriend at the time and pull of.

As i'm pulling of I see the officer had jumped in the van also I continue driving.

I make it to the next block boom boom the police are actually ramming both sides of my brand new car with not one but two raid fans.

Telling me to pull over me being the I don't care type of course I didn't stop so Im driving there hitting my car tearing it up.

I finally make it to my destination I jump out and run they chase me I close and lock the door.

They wait finally with a search warrant they take me into custody my pregnant girlfriend as well.

We make it to Homicide at this point you want believe what happens next.

They tell my Pregnant Girlfriend which is 16 at the time if you don't tell us what happened you will never see your unborn child.

With my girlfriend being a minor the weren't even suppose to question her about anything in which she didn't know anything anyway.

Her mother came in picked her up and she was able to leave.

As for me we get to Homicide that ask me about a bunch of murders that I know nothing about.

So then the Detectives or what y'all call them dicks starts showing a bunch of dead folks with there Brains blew out pictures asking if i know them.

I guess some type of scare tactic or something I still say no.

At this point there getting frustrated and start to bring in some guys from my neighborhood paperwork showing it to me with me name stated on it.

For the next few days I would stay there without being able to call and let anyone know were I'm at not being able to shower at all or barely able to eat.

Finally I was freed and let go for know.

A week later Homicide come knocking on my door again asking me to come with them I reply do I have to come?

They reply you can come willing or not so know were back to Homicide again they ask about some more Murders that I know nothing about.

After a few hours I was free to go thats why to this day I'm not a fan of Law Enforcement because they tried to take my first born from me.

And in a strange turn of events would you believe my Children Mother is now dating a Law Enforcement Officer I know crazy right.

This is the event that inspired me to right this song click on the link and listen for your self.


Pro Choice Abortion or Life 

i am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

With that being said If you have been blessed with the gift of life why would you take it away?

Which is a gift that is sent from heaven a whole human living being in your body.

The most precious loving adorable being on earth.


On the other hand if you been Raped Sexually Assaulted or Molested should you be forced to keep the baby.

Will that be considered a sin if you decide you did not want to keep the baby,because it wasn't consensual?

Rape and other sexual assaults average around 321,500 victims a year which is one every 98 seconds.

I wonder if you choose pro life in this situation will you think about the crime and keep reliving it over and over again?

Will you take it out on the child,what if it looks just like the father?


As for me Im Pro Life but it certain situations that need to be taking in consideration.

I mean will the world look at you differently based on your decision.

Even without them knowing your circumstances I would hate to be judged if something like that happened in my life and i chose not to keep the offspring.

At the end of the day it's up to you to decide what's the best choice for you.

I suggest you go with your gut and what you feel is right for you.