The Perfect Feature

Hey I was writing to let you know about some of the Artist I admire and would like to work with.The first Artist I want to work with is Lil Boosie I love his style and Character and he is…


Picture Perfect

Hey I'm writing because I wanted to know your opinion on a matter.I have been Rapping since the age of Seven.I started out with the Infamous Obie Trice of Eminem's Shady Records Label.I started really Recording Music when I was…


Check My Baby Mama

Ok here is the deal I have two Baby Mothers right.I been with them threw thick and thin from Court Case's to School.I have been very respectful to the both of them,but I have come to the conclusion that they…


You Have The Right To Remain Silent

I'm confused as to why do Ganster make statements.I really never could wrap my head or understand this.I know when Law Enforcement reads you your Miranda rights it clearly states anything you say or do will be used against you…


Music Biz 101

Hey just wanted to talk about the current state of music.The Music industry has changed so drastically in a short time period.Its not about who has the best c.d. anymore it's all about that single.With Streaming Music  at an all…


Keep The School Safe

In wake off all the school shootings we're in need of prayer more then anything now.

I don't think stiffer gun laws will change much of what's going on.

As it's mainly students  of the school who is…


Nerve Wrecking

 The one thing that is so annoying to me is chain letters.

I mean I have been getting the letter's for the last five year's or more.

It's alway's pass this message share this.

If you love…

The Creative Process

Making Music that matters I have been writing songs for a long time now. I find the process comes very easy to me.I start out with an Idea then it quickly turns to a vision.Ideas just pop into my head…

Life I Wonder WIll It Take Me Under

 I remember going up on the rough and rugged streets of Detroit.Mi.

At the age of 17 I encountered a life changing mind altering experience.

To remind you there was nothing more I loved then gangs It was…


Pro Choice Abortion or Life

i am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

With that being said If you have been blessed with the gift of life why would you take it away?

Which is a gift that is sent…


Losing A Seed

                                                             Losing A Seed

i'm a firm believer that if you live by the gun you die by the gun. With that being said there is always a consequence for your actions,But on the other hand some young people might…


Doing Shows Or Making Videos

I have had the honor of playing many live shows which is a blast when you have old fans and new fans listening and the excitement on  there face as your controling the crowd gaining new fans and exposure the…