Check My Baby Mama

Ok here is the deal I have two Baby Mothers right.I been with them threw thick and thin from Court Case's to School.I have been very respectful to the both of them,but I have come to the conclusion that they do not respect me at all.Respect is needed where it is given and with that being said I have an urge to put out a diss track with all the details and give you better insight on whats going on.Quick Question do you think I would be wrong if so please tell me.I feel that certain things can't go unaddressed.I feel like Aretha R.i.p. the Queen of Soul all I want is Respect is that to much to ask for from a Child Mother?I wish it didn't have to be like this but when it's only one side of a story the truth always get twisted so I feel the folks need to hear the other side as well.I mean it's some deep stuff that would make you think how.Im talking about a sane person couldn't manage to deal with this type of stuff it's enough to make anyone go crazy.Remember this one thing with ebery Action comes a consequence.