My Life I Can't Make This Up

I got a story for you Back when 50cent first came out I was a Ganster Rapper from Detroit similar to him.50 Cent hadn't officially came out yet though I was a young teenager and all the Producer and Labels wouldn't sign me saying there not into Ganster Rappers anymore that Music was going in a positive direction. I said ok and had to deal with it and that's when 50cent came along and blow up I was pissed!I have another story as well Eminem who is from Detroit and a Rapper like myself right,you follow me my Friend was his Bodyguard and still talk to him all the time,that's not all though my other Friend use to Bodyguard for Proof and D12.I got your attention know I hope so just so happen my Cousin formed a Group with himself Proof,JDilla and DJ Los 5Ela in turn Eminem ended up signing Proof after my Cousin who happens to be next to Proof when he got killed I'm Detroit they went to the afterhour together.I also got to mention Obie Trice real name no gimmicks who was signed to Shady Records I got to give him his props as he was the one who taught me how to Rap when I was seven and now I'm a 2x Award Winning Rapper.I can't forget to mention Proof cousin and fellow Rapper Max Julian who was a very cool guy from the first time I met him.Max Julian would asked what I wanted anytime we did a show together or just hung out he was just a kind hearted Person.I'm really sad to here they took Max Julian away from us by Poisoning him.I know God gained a Angel because his heart is of pure Gold.R.i.p.Big Proof R.i.p.Max Julian.