Keep The School Safe

In wake off all the school shootings we're in need of prayer more then anything now.

I don't think stiffer gun laws will change much of what's going on.

As it's mainly students  of the school who is doing all the shootings.

Therefore I'm sure there not allowed to own a gun yet.

I mean sure metal detector's and added security will aide in making the schools safer but not fool proof.

I'm very much against armed Teacher's that's a no no for me.

To much power to the teacher which can be used in the wrong way.



On the other hand we do need some type of system in place.

I suggest having and armed law enforcement officer in every school.

Also have an monthly drill just like an fire drill for students and teachers.

I would like to see more counselor's in the schools as well.

I will suggest camera at every entrance of the school's

I think this would be a good start to cut down on the school violence.



As alot of you may not know I was a victim of an school violence shooting.

In which we had metal detector's and camera's as well.

The culprit snuck in an unlocked door that was propped open with a loaded gun.

Which he had all day in school until it was time for football practice as we was walking from class.

In the hallway the culprit pulled out his weapon during school hour's and fired a shot in the hallway hitting me in the abdomen.

As I was pronounced dead on the scene before being brought back to life.

I'm saying this to say there is no way to fully protect the school's but there is ways to make them safer.