You Have The Right To Remain Silent

I'm confused as to why do Ganster make statements.I really never could wrap my head or understand this.I know when Law Enforcement reads you your Miranda rights it clearly states anything you say or do will be used against you in the Court of Law!I have witnessed many Thugs,Gansters, Killer's write statements detailing there crime in specific details.Every time the made the statement it has been used against them in the Court of law.The Defendant then ask for the evidence to be suppress to no avail.To make matter's worse most of the Defendants say's someone snitched ratted told on them when in fact they made a statement telling on there self.So my advise to you Ganster,Thugs Murders or whatever you wanna call yourself don't do the crime of you can't do the time.To everyne in the Game just know Prison is a possibility.