Picture Perfect

Hey I'm writing because I wanted to know your opinion on a matter.I have been Rapping since the age of Seven.I started out with the Infamous Obie Trice of Eminem's Shady Records Label.I started really Recording Music when I was Twelve Year's Old.I have Released Picture Perfect I'm which sold out really fast.I followed that up with ShutterSound which in turned sold out as well.Im currently working on Screenshot which goes along with the Trilogy,but I'm not stopping there.I will be coming out with Snapshot and Killshot to go along in the Series.I have planned on this carefully as you can see.This is all different parts of my Life being shown threw Music.From myself growing up in A single Parent Home having an addicted Mother and Father to being Adopted moving from place to place with nowhere to call Home.With all of that being said I want to make a Movie about my life entittled Picture Perfect.I want to follow in other Artist footsteps who came before me.Artist like Eminem with his Award Winning Movie 8mile.Artist like 50cents get the strap no just kidding his Movie Get Rich or Die Trying.I know to be able to do that I will need a big Budget.I will also need a top notch Videographer, Screenwriter and Casting Director to make this Project a success and Blockbuster hit.Now with you knowing all of this do you think I should do the Biopic on my Life?Also would this be something you a be interested in watching comment your answer's below and let me know thank you.