Life I Wonder WIll It Take Me Under

 I remember going up on the rough and rugged streets of Detroit.Mi.

At the age of 17 I encountered a life changing mind altering experience.

To remind you there was nothing more I loved then gangs It was my family friends someone to depend on all of that.

Then boom the unthinkable happened a Grocery Store gets Robbed the Owner Shot and Killed three other employees injured.

I just so happen to go to the Grocery store like a week later the D.P.D. Raid Vans are on the seen.

One of the Police and I makes eye contact he looking at me I'm looking at him,we get into a stare off.

I hop and my car with my pregnant girlfriend at the time and pull of.

As i'm pulling of I see the officer had jumped in the van also I continue driving.

I make it to the next block boom boom the police are actually ramming both sides of my brand new car with not one but two raid fans.

Telling me to pull over me being the I don't care type of course I didn't stop so Im driving there hitting my car tearing it up.

I finally make it to my destination I jump out and run they chase me I close and lock the door.

They wait finally with a search warrant they take me into custody my pregnant girlfriend as well.

We make it to Homicide at this point you want believe what happens next.

They tell my Pregnant Girlfriend which is 16 at the time if you don't tell us what happened you will never see your unborn child.

With my girlfriend being a minor the weren't even suppose to question her about anything in which she didn't know anything anyway.

Her mother came in picked her up and she was able to leave.

As for me we get to Homicide that ask me about a bunch of murders that I know nothing about.

So then the Detectives or what y'all call them dicks starts showing a bunch of dead folks with there Brains blew out pictures asking if i know them.

I guess some type of scare tactic or something I still say no.

At this point there getting frustrated and start to bring in some guys from my neighborhood paperwork showing it to me with me name stated on it.

For the next few days I would stay there without being able to call and let anyone know were I'm at not being able to shower at all or barely able to eat.

Finally I was freed and let go for know.

A week later Homicide come knocking on my door again asking me to come with them I reply do I have to come?

They reply you can come willing or not so know were back to Homicide again they ask about some more Murders that I know nothing about.

After a few hours I was free to go thats why to this day I'm not a fan of Law Enforcement because they tried to take my first born from me.

And in a strange turn of events would you believe my Children Mother is now dating a Law Enforcement Officer I know crazy right.

This is the event that inspired me to right this song click on the link and listen for your self.